We all recognise a moment of delight and relaxation when we check into a cottage. The rustic, close-to-nature ambience offers a refreshing feeling that we never want to depart with.

But how could we get that feeling everyday within our bustling city life? Isn’t it daydreaming?


But we can create a home full of pastoral country charm with timeless cottage design ideas.

From whitewashed farmhouses to the honey-coloured limestone cottages, such retreats offer a stunning illustration of the vernacular architecture through the ages and are inundated with elementary structural features that deserve praise.

Whether you are trying to renovate your home having the rustic appeal in it or thinking of redecorating your modern home for some instant country cottage charm, check out these top 10 tips to give your urban property a classic cottage atmosphere.

Here’s How to Transform Your Home into A Cottage

There are several factors that most cottages have and you can also add such features to your home decoration to make it have a relaxing feel of a country cottage.

Below are the 10 tips for making your home look like a cottage and to fulfil your daydream.

Cottage Interior

1. Add A Wood-Burning Stove in the Living Room

Set the mood of the cosy, warm nights with a classic wood-burning stove. These stoves are also more efficient than open fire as up to 90% of the heat is lost in the chimney while the enclosed stove radiates most of it throughout the room.

2. Get Traditional Furnishing

Get a traditional English living room more effortlessly. Look for chintz, floral prints, damask etc. while picking upholstery. Find some classic design wooden sofas and ottomans to add more country cottage essence to your urban space. Also, keep in mind that the true English cottages always emphasise heavy, flowing curtains instead of Venetian blinds. In case you wish for a little more privacy, you can install roller blinds in addition to the curtains.

3. Get Your Kitchen a Shaker Cabinetry With Vintage Finds

For an ageless rustic look, trust on the classic shaker cabinetry with unique vintage stand-alone kitchen units. Whether it is a vintage wooden sideboard, a cupboard table or plate racks, all of these have a unique appearance that ideally complements the natural traits of a country cottage anywhere in the UK. If you are not sure of the colour, team up with traditional built-in cabinetry and kitchen units in classic cream or honey colour to confidently stand the test of time.

4. Grab Attention with Classic Range Cooker

Another emblematic feature of a cottage kitchen is the classic range of the cooker. Conventionally, many country cottages used to have heat storage range cookers, which would have stored radiant heat for the entire house. But, now we have a wide range of cooker sizes, fuel types, and also a number of finishes and colours to choose from.

Range Cooker

5. Highlight the Architectural Features

If you already own a period property, you might feel excited to showcase the unique structural features of the house. Instead of plastering, keep the original stone walls, or rather than hiding the beams, incorporate these rustic features into your interior design.

6. Use Vintage Wallpaper for a Classic Cottage Bedroom

Nothing would speak the old English cottage-style like an abundance of Victorian floral prints. For an eccentric country vibe, paint your home or use wallpapers, especially in the bedroom, with Victorian-themed motifs. Also, add mismatching curtains and bedding, which is an excellent feature of a country cottage image.

7. Freestanding Roll Top Bath

If you have some beautiful beams in your bathroom, you’re bound to feel like making the bathroom more relaxing and unwinding. If you are transforming your urban property into a period home, you would also like to get a roll-top bath to intensify the classical feel. You can find traditional cast-iron models as well as lighter and more affordable fibreglass, free-standing roll-top bath alternatives in a range of choices.

8. Get Rustic Appeal With Wooden Panelling

While the tongue and groove wood panelling is an excellent way to apprehend the classic English cottage look you can also check for custom wood panelling for your home.

Cottage With Wooden Interior

9. Put Fresh Flowers in Classic Vases

Regardless of the single stem bud vase or tall vintage vase, fresh flowers from an English garden is always the perfect finishing touch to successfully transform your home into a country cottage. A single stem with a flower bud or a bunch of freshly plucked flowers from the house garden would be splendid.

10. Create A Classy Chocolate-Box Entryway

Another key element of a cottage that you can’t ignore, is the entryway of the property. The front doors contribute strongly to their grand, unprecedented character and pastoral appeal. Do you remember the most hyped chocolate box entrance? You can also try to frame your front door with creeper plants such as wisteria, green ivy or wild roses and decorate the stone tracks with plenty of potted English garden favourites. Other than this, you can simply get the framed four-panel Victorian design front door or a solid wood plank design.

In Conclusion

The countrysides are a spectacular place to live in, with capricious storybook houses to thatched cottages with chocolate box entrances. However, sometimes it can be difficult to imitate these stunning designs in a modern urban house, though it is not impossible. You can get your home transformed into a cosy, welcoming cottage following the tips mentioned.

Why delay in getting your country cottage within the busy city life?

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