Cornwall, the southwestern tip of England, is full of adventure. It has something for everyone. From beach days and surfing to cultural tours and hiking trails. Believe it or not, the west country offers some of the best historical walks down memory lane. Keep reading for the 3 must see castles in Cornwall!


Portal Historic Building at St. Michael’s Mount Marazion Cornwall South England


St Michael’s Mount

Did you know, Mont-Saint-Michel is the Normandy counterpart to St Michael’s Mount?


Looking to relax? Head to the main lawns, sit back, and take in the view while enjoying a nice refreshing drink. You can enjoy the takeaway food on offer if you feel so inclined. The two shops on-site offer a variety of locally made products and clothing. Grab yourself a souvenir!


St Michael’s mount was once a monastery site from the 8th to the early-11th century. Before the 18th century, there were fishermen and monastic cottages. In 1727, the harbour improvements were complete and the port flourished. By 1811, the island became populated with 53 houses and four streets. When the improvements to Penzance harbour and the railway finished the village declined.


During the 18th and 19th century the structure became romanticised.


According to legend, St Michael’s Mount once housed an 18-foot giant, Cormoran. Cormoran lived within the caves guarding its ill-begotten treasures. Until Jack, a farmer’s son went head-to-head in battle with Cormoran a child and cattle fiend. Jack lured the giant to his doom. He trapped the beast within a concealed pit and delivered a fatal blow to the head with an axe. Upon return, Jack received a hero’s welcome and was henceforth named ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ 


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Trerice Elizabethan Manor House


Trerice Manor

Have you ever wanted to feel like Alice from Alice in a Wonderland? Trerice Manor is as close to a wonderland experience you will get from Cornwall.  Channel your inner Oscar Wilde when you attend the summer tea-parties, and Tudor games.


These events are usually low-key. Making it a perfect event for wallflowers and social butterflies.


Trerice Manor is located in Newlyn East, near Newquay. Trerice house has been the property of the National Trust since 1953. Since the 14th century the Arundell family and Trerice Manor.


If you want to learn more about the manor and the Arundell family, go here!


Ancient St Mawes castle in Carnwall England UK


Pendennis Castle

As an artillery fort constructed between 1540 and 1542 by Henry VIII near Falmouth. Pendennis Castle was intended to deter the invasion of the French and the Holy Roman Empire.


As you make rounds check out the circular keep and gun platform which was expanded to deal with the Spanish. While holding the Royalists, during the English civil war, Pendennis saw service. In 1660, Charles II had been restored to the throne and renovated the fortress shortly after.


The looming threat of a French invasion resulted in the upgrade and modernisation of defences in the 1730s. Over the course of the Napoleonic Wars, the castle housed up to 48 guns.


Take in the view of Cornwall’s coast and watch the jousting events unfold. 


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