If you have not yet decided where to spend your autumn holiday this year, now is a good time to learn a thing or two about Bude and why it is possibly the best getaway on the planet to visit from September to November. Closely guarded by the natives and little known to the outside world, here is a curated list of top four secrets about the quaint resort town.

Warmest Sea Water

While a vast majority of people believe that the temperature of the seawater is directly proportional to the air temperature of the surrounding atmosphere, it is quite a popular misconception, so to speak. On the contrary, it takes a long time for the sea to get heated, and accordingly, it requires quite some time for cooling down.

It effectively means that the seawater temperature would continue to rise during the summer months in Bude and be at its peak in September. The air temperature remains typically warm and nice in October as well. Admittedly, it is an excellent time for honing your surfing and swimming skills.


Bude beach in Cornwall.


Awesome Surf Wave

In general, the sea waves become remarkably better in the UK in September, October, and throughout the winter season. It happens due to the more frequent formation of storms in the Atlantic Ocean that produces better swells. As these swells began gracing the shores with their presence, you would be able to experience the most enjoyable surfs in Bude during this period. The water also turns out to be the warmest at this time.

Quieter At Autumn Than The Peak Season

As the summer leaves, the environment at Bude starts to get less noisy and becomes more peaceful. Although there would be much less crowd in the beaches, they would still be gleaming with lots of fun-filled activities and lifeguarded until the first week of November. Nevertheless, with much more serenity and increased personal space, you would not have to stand in a queue for lunch or wait for hours to get a table at your favourite restaurant.

Reduced Accommodation Tariff

When it comes to reserving an affordable luxury cottage in Bude, such as the Glebe House Cottages Limited, you would be spoilt with choices for sure! Several of these detached accommodations are situated pretty close to the seashore and if you choose to book after the peak season, you would be able to get one with jaw-dropping discounts on the room rent from September onwards.


Haus in Cadgwith, Cornwall.


The Bottom Line

Called Bude Haven once upon a time, Bude is a wonderful travel destination for both domestic and international tourists. Understanding how it changes from one season to another does help you a lot to make the most of this seaside beauty.

If you are not yet convinced, here is another terrific reason to come here in autumn. It generally rains much less here from September to November than in July and August!

So, when can we expect you to arrive?!

Glebe House Cottages Limited looks forward to seeing you here soon.

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