The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyle. During the earlier lockdown phases we have resorted to do such things that we never thought we could do along with following our hectic schedule. But, it’s another phase of lockdown we are in, and we might be unsure of things to do in lockdown and not die of boredom.

Yes, staying at home is limiting in many senses but that does not mean it’s boring. Productivity is actually all about growth. Let’s break our long-term goals down into daily activities so that we can grow and develop during the lockdown even better.

While we have an abundance of free time again, we can prioritise what really makes us happy. We can set our daily or weekly goals without feeling bewildered or burdened.

You might have reached the end of Netflix and spending another day on the couch may be too much to bear. It’s time to assort some new ideas and keep the boredom at bay.

There are still plenty of free things to do in lockdown to keep your creative juices flowing. We have assembled a list of 50+ free things to do to get you through these lovely days, weeks, and months of Lockdown.

Watch A Film

Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+ UK aren’t your only options. You don’t necessarily need to have a paid subscription to watch plenty of excellent classics and modern films. You can access 1150 free films right now on the Open Culture media platform for free. Even if you have a valid university or public library card, you can access the on-demand video streaming platform – Kanopy that also offers thousands of films to watch for free.

Watch A Documentary

If you are in the mood for something more intellectual, you can visit some great sites, like Documentary Tube, Top Documentary Films, and Documentary Heaven for free documentaries.

Write A Novel

You can also create something instead of consuming only. You might have always wanted to write a novel but could not find time and inspiration. You can also try writing journals. The best thing about journaling is that you can write whatever you want. You can simply write down your best ideas, write about your day, or doodle – you will most definitely find yourself motivated.

Write A Play or a Short Film

Do you think your writing calls for a performance and is not just limited to provide reading pleasure? Your pieces might be better off while being acted out than them staying on paper. Here’s good news for you – BBC is on a quest for original scripts on self-isolation that they want to transform into short films.

If you’re doubtful about writing scripts, you can try a free screenwriting course to learn the craft. Who knows, this might catapult you into stardom after your first script is made into a film.

Film Maker

Travel to Ancient Rome

Though you can’t go out without a reasonable excuse and you naturally feel cut off from the rest of the world, you can time travel after all. The latest technology enables you to explore other cities, countries and even the different ages of humanity online.

Take a virtual tour to ancient Rome that will take you through the Forum, Campidoglio, Colosseum and other famous monuments. You can check this free virtual tour to Rome on Open Culture.

Paint with Bob Ross

If you are an 80’s child you might have watched The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Relieve the timeless TV series once again with your children. All 403 episodes have been added to YouTube so you can listen to his relaxing tones while you enjoy the beauty of imperfections in painting landscapes.

Write A Song

If you have a musical denomination, you can translate your current emotions into a song or you can even create an entire album filled with your emotional conduit. You can start making some Spotify playlists in the meantime to get inspired to get into the right frame of mind.

Visit Galleries & Museums

One of the best on the list of things to do in lockdown is to take free virtual tours to the most popular national and international art galleries and museums.

A large number of galleries and museums around the world have digitised their collections to make them available for people across the world. We have listed a few below –

Visit New York’s MoMA sitting on your sofa and enjoy its extraordinary exhibitions and collection of modern and contemporary art without any unwanted crowd.

If you prefer Botticelli over Pollock, you can take a tour of the Uffizi in Florence. Arguably, this gallery has one of the best collections of Renaissance art in the world. Here you can enjoy Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, Caravaggio’s Medusa, and Titian’s Venus of Urbino without taking a step outside your house.

Another must-visit gallery is Paris’ Musée d’Orsay. It is home to an incredible collection of Van Gogh and Cezanne’s artistic masterpieces.

Experiencing these venues from your home allows you to tour around different countries or even different continents in the same afternoon.

How is that for a lockdown weekend!


Pop into The Tate & The British Museum

After getting into New York, Florence and Paris, you can come back to your own country and go to see Tate Britain for free. Though you will miss the lovely river walk to the gallery, you can drop in at any time and see your favourite pieces from the comfort of your home.

Also, visit the British Museum sitting at home. You can brush up on your Egyptian knowledge, see the controversial Parthenon Marbles, or take a walk through the incredible artifacts from around the world.

Go to 500 Other Museums & Galleries

If you want to visit more galleries or museums, Google’s arts and culture collection has virtual tours of 500 top attractions around the world, including national galleries from around the world, individual artist museums, and even the Eiffel Tower.

Pore Over The Latest Publications

Have you always been fascinated by academia or a specific area within it? This lockdown is the best time to read the latest publications and rise and shine on the latest developments within your area.

You can find the best journals at JSTOR. The popular digital library is allowing free access to thousands of journals for the readers.

Listen To Podcasts

You can boost your mood or expand your mind by listening to a podcast. It is a great way to spend your time with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s brand new podcast, George The Poet’s podcast, Archewell Audio, Louis Theroux’s Grounded, and many more.

Man Listening To Podcast

Take a Fitness Challenge

Don’t depend on the gym to maintain fitness. There are a lot of fitness challenges you can try out at home. You can work on your health without leaving home.

You can try the pushup challenge, squat challenge, or take a 30-day bodyweight workout plan to stay fit and active at home for free.

Only, make sure you don’t push too hard at the start, and that you definitely warm up before doing any exercise.

Learn To Do Nail Art

Bored of manicured nails? Why not learn to do an at-home manicure for yourself?

If you need some inspiration for nail art, we’d recommend surfing YouTube fashion channels for top tips and tricks. You will be able to design a range of show-stopping nail art projects using gel paints, glitter, stickers, and gems.

Have A Karaoke Night

Are you missing karaoke night with your friends? You can very much do it from home. Install apps like AirConsole, and it will let you turn your smartphone into a mic. Now sing your favourite hits with your regulars and practice new songs.

Arrange A Houseparty

Are you still missing your gang? Do you want to meet with your friends? You can arrange a virtual houseparty on the Houseparty app. This app allows a large group of video chats so you can get together with your friends for a drink, a chat, and see some friendly faces during social isolation.


Get A Penpal

You might have fallen out of contact with your highschool penfriend, but you can connect with them again. You can also connect to new people, and make new friends on digital platforms, like PenPal World, Compatipal, Wanderful, etc.

Try Amigurumi

Amigurumi sounds similar to Origami, and is also associated with Japanese culture. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting small creatures or characters. You might not find a hobby cuter than amigurumi.

Cook Something New

Staying at home means you finally get enough time to spend on cooking things from scratch. If you love eating and love experimenting, you can try your own recipes. If you are planning to learn cooking, find great recipes online and get started.

Play A Board Game

Do you love board games? You will be happy to know that there are certain websites like Tabletopia where you can play your favourite board games online. While you can create a free account and play most of the popular board games with friends, you may need to pay to play a few more popular or newer games.

Learn New Language

Learning a new language is often a dream of many. Have you always wanted to speak Italian or German? Does the Norwegian language attract you? Do you think learning Mandarin will help you at your workfront?

Why don’t you utilise this long lockdown to learn a new language of your choice? Online tools give you everything to learn a new language from scratch. Online language courses have everything you need to brush up on including vocabulary and pronunciation.

Visit An Aquarium

Though it is nearly impossible to recreate the tranquility and the strange grace of aquariums, you can still be in the same atmosphere.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium in the US has added several live cameras that let the visitors keep an eye on the jellyfish, kelp forest, coral reef, and even on the penguins. Visit the aquarium free of cost, lying on your sofa.


Visit The Opera

Occupy yourself in the drama of an opera performance without even leaving the house and free your mind from live coronavirus updates on the Telly.

After the closure of non-essential businesses during the lockdown, multiple opera houses have started streaming performances. If you are an opera lover or want to experience it for the first time, watch online.

Deep Clean Your House

Between dusty skirting, dirty tiles, and stained carpets, your home can offer days of activity if you enjoy the deep clean experience that you were delaying for days.

Declutter Your Home

Being stuck at home can help you understand how much of your stuff you actually need. You might notice a heap of clothes that you haven’t touched for the last few years or a pile of GCSE essays sitting in a box upstairs. You can separate things for donating and things you need to throw out. Even you may make some money by reselling stuff you don’t need.

Update CV & Professional Accounts

Updating your CV and professional profiles is really among the list of things to do in lockdown and for a reason. Before lockdown, the idea of updating your CV, cover letter or your LinkedIn profile might not have been in the top positions of your priority list.

But the economic downfall following the pandemic may hurt many of our professions. So use the current period to work towards an even brighter future with an attractive CV.

Scare Yourself in A Creepy Library

Have you been fascinated by horror films and conspiracy theories? You can now read a library of 1,600 digitised horror and paranormal books online at The Ritman Library. You will find the best collection of pre-1900 books focused on alchemy, astrology, and magic donated by the great thriller writer Dan Brown himself.

hocus-pocus book

Walk Through Paris or London

Though you can’t board a plane, you can still cherish some of the world’s most famous views.

Thanks to Google street view. Take a look at the Thames from the top of the Shard or feast your eyes on Paris from the Sacre Coeur or walk along with the Altstadt Salzburg (Old Town).

Watch A Concert

If you’re craving to go to a concert or missing music festivals, you can watch plenty of them on YouTube. Watch classics, like Radiohead’s Glastonbury, Nirvana Unplugged, or Portishead followed by an orchestra and relish your personalised lineup.

Visit a National Park

Are you missing the long walks, open scenery on weekends at a national park? But you can still enjoy the magical landscape and the extraordinary wildlife in their natural habitat. Take virtual tours of the UK’s incredible national parks. Sit back and relax at home while getting your fix of the magnificent outdoors even if you can’t physically be there.

Stretch Out with a Yoga Class

You can practice yoga at home to de-stress and stay healthy at home. There are plenty of yoga studios streaming online classes, and you can join them for free or with an affordable subscription on YouTube.

Go to The Theatre

You can’t go to the theatre due to the imposed lockdown, but the theatre can come to your home. Recorded performances are nothing new. Some streaming platforms are giving free trials to see whether it’s something that you want to watch on a more regular basis.

Movie Theatre

Become A Wine Connoisseur

There is something intrinsically dignified and sophisticated about being a wine connoisseur.

Isn’t it hard to gather a substantial amount of knowledge about wine?

Not necessarily! All you need is a little time, a little patience, and a lot of love for wine. And the lockdown is giving you lots of free time. So be patient, express your love for wine and utilise the time in discovering which wines you like and why. Read about the journey from grape to glass, and build on your own perception of wine tasting.

Learn to Arrange Flowers

Learning flower arrangement is one of the best things to do in lockdown for anyone with an affection for flowers. You can learn how to create an array of floral displays with the how-to guide for beginners available online.

Solve A Mystery

Do you love crime thrillers and mysteries?

If you are a true crime fan, you can engage yourself in the mysteries or even start to solve them. You can find plenty of online communities where the mystery fans gather and exchange theories and connect the information to get to the bottom of old cold cases.


Sometimes the best way to get out of your head is to help others. You can opt for some volunteering work in plenty of ways.

You may have elderly neighbours who are shielding, self-isolating, or socially distancing from others as a more protective measure. Look out for those and offer help with grocery, shopping and other daily chores where possible while maintaining still social distancing.

You could also volunteer over the phone or online. You could befriend those who are isolated, lonely, and need mental support. Offering reassurance and sharing official information, such as from the government, NHS, or Public Health England, can be helpful.

Start A Blog

If you have relatively cheap, indoor hobbies that you can share, this lockdown may be the right time to build your audience.

Interest in pastimes like cooking, herb planting, and board games has skyrocketed over recent weeks. If your hobbies are on the trending list, why not set up a blog and share your knowledge and inspire others?

Woman on Laptop

Learn First Aid

It’s always great to be prepared for an emergency, especially during this pandemic situation when urgent care centres are overwhelmed. Learning first aid also helps you maintain your self-isolation for any relatively minor injury.

You can learn basic first aid online from a digital education platform, like FutureLearn, for free.

Locate Your Ancestor

Wonder where your family was during the flu pandemic of 1918? You can now start tracing your family tree to unearth lost memories and distant relatives. Start by learning about genealogy and discover more about yourself, your background, and your ancestors.

Try DIY Painting

Can’t stop gawking at that annoying chip in your closet? If you are desperate to give those bookshelves a new lick of paint, why not try your hand at a spot of DIY painting? Transform the worn part of the furniture into something your friends will be envious of.


Meditation not only helps people stay calm, but the practitioners around the world believe it helps them focus, remain present and respect what they have. Though it is hard to master, you can start at home, and see how it works for you.

Plan A Holiday

If you’re the kind of person who loves planning and organising, you can do just what you want. Search online for the best deals, things to do in a particular place, and plot your next holiday in detail.

If budgets are an issue, you can plan a staycation at home or a self-catering holiday apartment near your home. Catch up on all the things you have missed, or go far away to experience something new.

Holiday Planning

Have A Kitchen Clearance

Organise the whole of your kitchen cabinets, check the expiration dates on the canned goods, clear out the junk drawer, and colour coordinate your spice rack. You can label your kitchen drawers to find things easily.

Learn Calligraphy

Go a step further from a ballpoint pen or pencil and transform your writing into an art-piece. Practice calligraphy and lettering. You will get an array of online tutorials and expert guides to learn the tricks in no time.

All you’ll need is a calligraphy set and enthusiasm.

Improve Communication Skills

Do not get worried about disintegrating your communication skills. While staying at home, you can actually improve them.

You can watch online communication sessions, join communities and discuss things of your choice with like-minded people.

Upcycle Old Clothes & Accessories

Have you got a wardrobe full of clothes that you hardly wear?

You can update, reuse, or upcycle everything from old t-shirts to stoles or socks. Just figure out what you’d like to recycle and reuse and then find the best suggestive videos and ideas on YouTube.

Read or Listen to A Book

If you love reading but don’t get enough time to tick it all on your wishlist, you can manage it this year.

You can finally tackle the stack of novels next to your bed or in your favourite reading room.

Even if you don’t like reading but listening to stories, try out your favourite genre as audiobooks. You can get thousands of books to listen to for free on Audible, Open Culture, Penguin, etc.


Start a Virtual Book Club

Want to discuss a book you have just finished? Start a virtual book club.

You can agree on free books and join a virtual conversation for an intellectual chat and future reading references.

It’s a great way to stay in touch with book-loving friends and also to meet new co-readers.

Try Bird Watching

The lockdown phases have brought nature back to the cities. If you want to go a little closer to nature, you can start with your backyard garden or balcony.

Online resources, like eBird, can help you begin bird watching.

Recreate a Spa Experience at Home

Staying at home for long, living alone, and keeping yourself isolated may take its toll on your overall mental health. You can always compose yourself in style by following suggestions from some of the world’s most luxuriant spas.

You can learn from them how you can transform your space, eat healthfully and relieve your sore and stiff muscles.

Gift a DIY spa session at home to yourself. It will soon make a world of difference.

If you feel we have missed out on anything fun and interesting, why don’t you share your own list of things to do in lockdown down below.

We will also ask you the one question that matters – which of our ideas will you choose to spend a fruitful and satisfactory time during the Lockdown?

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