Have you ever wanted to be in a storybook landscape? If so, you are in seek of a cottage environment. From Disneyesque landscapes to the crumbling stone walls enamoured with Instagrammable beauty. Cottages are the epitome of the picturesque. And you can transform your home into the perfect cottage environment.


Do you want to create your own cottage aesthetic? Consider following these styling choices. 


Living room and kitchen inside the cottage.


Back to square one

The cottage-style takes you back in time to when life was simple. Has life ever been simple though?. Cottage style embraces simplicity and functionality. For this reason, practicality is prioritised. Walls are painted, while blankets and throws are washable. Styles and shapes are informal, unimposing, and pleasantly coloured.  The aesthetic choices associated with the cottage style provide comfort, charm, and serenity. Consider embracing these traits. Add one or more of these styles to your home and create your own cottage aesthetic. 


Wide view of a full back garden and a cottage.


Sugar, spice, and everything nice

Cottage style, like most, is a balancing act between yin and yang – the Sugar, the spice, and everything nice. Cottage colour palettes, generally, balance the sweetness of colours with charming decor choices. The cottage aesthetic accentuates original features.  The aged fireplace,  rustic woodwork, and high ceilings add character.  To improve your cottage aesthetic contemplate styling the original features.


Historical Beauty

Do you want your cottage style to have character? Think about adding an older piece of furniture with a historical background. Salvaged historical pieces add to the nostalgia and aesthetic of the environment. Refurbished, worn, and vintage pieces add to the uniqueness and charm of a property.


Details of vintage furniture with retro metal winding clock, armchairs and wooden tables.


Cottage style is often a reflection of the designer’s depiction of beautiful. This style illustrates happiness within yourself and manifests it in a creative light. A monochromatic style represents serenity and stillness. Whereas, a colourful environment can illustrate a variety of emotional responses.


If you make any changes to your home, let us know what you changed and how it affected your cottage style. 

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