If you live in a busy city or a bustling town, you can try turning the outdoor space into a cottage-themed garden. This will induce an increasingly traditional ambience at home, making it your ultimate refuge from the maddening urban life. Before you are to start designing your dream garden, it is expected that you spend a few minutes understanding the vintage materials and characteristic styles commonly employed in creating classic English spaces.

Here are some handpicked tips for crafting a cottage-style home-garden.


Using a diversely varying species of plants is a key aspect of classic cottage gardens. Most of the traditional spaces can be seen with plant beds in front of the homes, sporting annual and perennial flowers along with vegetable plants and lush foliage.

You need to use nutrient-rich and high-quality organic soil for creating an overflowing plant landscape. Adding mulch on the soil and using enough compost is an excellent way of maintaining the moisture content in the soil while enhancing the soil quality during the breakdown process and stabilising its temperature.


By including soft, curving pathways, you can have an exquisite cottage-themed garden similar to what Glebe Houses Cottages has to offer. They will help you add a homely and traditional appearance to your outdoor space.

Feel free to make good use of hard surfacing substances, such as brick, bluestone, or a balanced mix of stones, old bricks, and tiles. Wood chips and gravel are soft paving options that you can also work with to create curving pathways and as long as you have an edged walkway for keeping these materials in place.


Historically, the elevation of country garden fences in the UK was lower than their usual height in most of the present-day outdoor spaces. However, you can still accomplish the same for your cottage garden with the help of picket fencing, which comes with numerous design choices that you can try.

You may also go for the lattice fences that are capable of supporting climbers as well as flowering vines, for instance, wisteria, climbing roses, and clematis.

English courtyard brick garden with multi coloured summer plants and plant pots


Some plants are better suited for cottage-style gardens than the rest. Grow roses, foxgloves, hollyhocks, geraniums, lavenders, daisies, and peonies to offer a genuine cottage feel. Phlox, lady’s mantle, catmint, iris plants, and campanula are also some timeless choices that you can safely go with.


If you need to design a cottage-themed garden, your outdoor space should not appear too polished. You can include vintage garden decors and accessories for a rustic appearance.
You can invest in some vintage planters, rustic bench, traditional galvanised watering can, and old repurposed shelves to create that magical feel for your cottage garden. Rattan garden furniture is also an excellent alternative worth considering.


Are you interested in designing a cottage garden at home? You may choose to visit Glebe Houses Cottages here in Bude for some inspiring ideas about the same. The place is home to several luxurious detached houses with highly affordable room rents.

For more tips and advice on cottages, be sure to visit our blog page, which is full of different articles. If you have any questions on cottages or holiday homes, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d be more than happy to help.

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