Winter is deeply set in the UK and some regions in the Northern part of the country are reportedly experiencing record low temperature. There is little you can do during the national lockdown and the heavy snow at the same time. Instead of constantly complaining about not being able to go out, isn’t it a great idea to convert your regular home into a winter cottage with some amazing DIY tips?

Let’s embrace a chic winter cabin style that is arguably one of the most aesthetic of all.

Make Your Home Cosy & Warm With A Winter Cabin Style

If you can’t go out and spend the holidays in the secluded woods, why don’t you turn your home into a dream winter abode?

Here are a few simple tips that will help you enjoy in the trendy winter cottage and cabin style living space:

A Fairly Fireplace

Regardless of the style and pattern of your interiors, a beautiful fireplace, be it traditional or avant-garde, with a cosy sitting arrangement is always a lovely gift to yourself and to pamper your loved ones in winter.

If you choose to install a modern fireplace, you would get several designs and a variety of shapes and styles to match your room decor.

If you want to go traditional, get the beautiful classic log cabin set up with a lovely stone fireplace.

Further, plan for minimalistic elegant decor and warm colours and textures to shape the perfect winter retreat right at your home.

Modern cottage interior with stylish furniture and fireplace. Winter vacation

Stylish Wood Panels

Nothing can be warmer and more intimate than a bit of wood in your interior decoration. If you already have the ceiling with exposed wooden beams you can simply go for bright paints. Add a simple and rustic touch to your painting ideas to accentuate the style further. If you don’t have this prerequisite, highlight the walls with wooden panelling to give a classy tone to the room decor.

Log Cabin Decor

If you own an outhouse, you have the great privilege to turn it into a winter cottage for your personal getaway. But most of us don’t have this opportunity.

Yet, we can create some appealing renovation to our home. Invest a little in the antiques with log cabin motifs, get some reindeer printed pillow covers, add a few pieces of wall art that may remind you of your old holidays, place some coffee mugs and chinaware, and you are done.

You can also try to switch around the furniture to add a rustic flavour, and it will blend finely with the theme.

View of Snowy Outdoors

Who would love to live in a warm sea themed or dark jungle-themed winter cottage when the surroundings are snow-clad? It is a simple mental image that does seem right. Rather, we feel it more captivating to sit on the soft rugs with cushions and pillows and a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of red wine and enjoy the snow-filled scenery outside.

Install properly insulated glass windows and let nature enthral you with its raw beauty.

Family at home in pajamas. Daughter and son. Wake up in the morning. Hugging and kissing, looking out the window. Beautiful winter outside the window. Large windows to floor. Nice view from window.

Bunk Beds

Why leave your bedroom? Add a new bunk bed that adopts a heavy rustic element to your interior. When coupled with the proper lighting, bunk beds can provide your room with an excellent winter cottage look, giving you a perfect holiday feel.

If you are not fond of a bunk bed, you can try a loft bed as a perfect alternative.

Clean Up the Attic or Basement

Slanting ceilings of the attic rooms offer an impeccable backdrop. If you are trying to construct your home as a cosy and intimate winter log house, the attic or the basement is the most convenient choice. Simply, clean up space, give it a coat of paint or a few rustic pieces of furniture and enjoy the warmth of your transformed winter cottage.

Heavy Quilts and Warm Rugs

Along with the visual dress up of your home go for some textural makeover with the changing seasons. Undoubtedly, the heavy cold influences the winter home decor the most. It demands rich, heavy textiles that can induce warmth with ease. While heavy silks are the best option for curtains and upholstery, do get some heavy quilts and extra soft, feathery rugs and cushions to keep you warm.

Also, add some bright and vibrant warm colours to your interior to fashion a consciously relaxed allure.

The Right Kitchen

Don’t miss out the obvious under the design, colour, style and themes to get your winter cottage ready. Your winter log cabin or cottage is incomplete without the kitchen that serves up the right stuff to celebrate the cold.

Without hot coffee to hot soups or the hot chocolate, cupcakes and the comfort foods, your stay indoors can’t be pleasant. So, this winter, treat yourself with some delicious homemade dishes and bother not to worry even if you put on a few extra pounds.

Have you liked this read? What’s your thought on turning your home into a winter cottage with these simple ideas?

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