Cafes flood the streets of Cornwall and coffee is an integral part of the Cornwall culture. That being said, having a cup of good coffee in Cornwall does not mean that you can just walk into any of these cafes. With the Cornish weather being typically on the colder side, coffee is the perfect beverage to keep you warm and energised while you are in the county. Whether you are a tourist or have visited the place for business, coffee in Cornwall is something that you have to experience.

Known as the surfing haven of the UK, Cornwall is not just famous for its beautiful beaches. This leading holiday destination boasts an exotic and picturesque landscape. Anyone staying in Cornwall can make the most of the experience by staying at the cottage facilities, and of course, tasting the aromatic local brews of coffee in Cornwall.

The Perfect Cornish Stay: The Best Places To Have Coffee In Cornwall

Be it the lazy social brunches or buttery Cornish pasties, or one of those rambling walks along the stretched beaches of Cornwall, coffee is a crucial part of the experience. Over the course of time, the coffee culture has grown and diversified in Cornwall significantly. The community of coffee in Cornwall has grown with a significant rise in the local artisan roasters and independent coffee shops all across the county.

In the next part of this blog, coffee experts at Glebe House Cottages have handpicked the best place to have coffee in Cornwall. We definitely want you to make the most of your stay and having the best coffee in town while relaxing at the cottage gardens is an experience you simply cannot miss. The list below has our favourite names when it comes to the best Cornish coffee roasters and if you are in Cornwall anytime soon, or later, these are the places you must try.

The best blends, perfect roasts, and the perfect taste and aroma! Coffee in Cornwall just as you would expect it to be. Check out the list below!


Origin is an independently owned specialty coffee roaster that has been operating for nearly two decades and is definitely one of the best makers of coffee in Cornwall. Founded by Tom Sobey, Origin works with one simple principle and that is to source exceptional quality of coffee with the help of a triple bottom line approach ensuring maximum sustainability.

Origin believes that the magic of coffee is in the coffee beans and they strive to bring out the best of each coffee bean by using modern equipment and advanced engineering. The cup of coffee they make will already exceed your expectations. Although, the maritime views of the town of Harbour Head in Porthleven along with their single-origin coffee features will be an experience of a lifetime for you!

Lusty Glaze Beach Bar

Coffee in Cornwall is definitely the best when you sit amidst a beautifully decorated cottage garden enjoying the rays of early morning Sun grazing your skin. As paradisal as that sounds, the experience of coffee on the coast is also something that you must try out. For that, Lusty Glaze Beach Bar is the perfect destination for you. A short walk from the centre of Newquay, and you can find this beautiful and well-decorated beachside cafe offering the perfect sea views and some really well-brewn and strong coffee to start off your day, or recharge after a busy day. The coffee here is definitely worth a try and is just the perfect brew for anytime of the day!

Nathan Dumlao From Unsplash.

Nathan Dumlao From Unsplash.

Yallah Coffee Kiosk

It is rightly said that “You cannot judge a book by its cover.” Yallah Coffee Kiosk is one such coffee shop in Cornwall that you can easily miss out or even not notice, but it is surely one of the finest ones in town. The kiosk is located between two bright green shutters on St Ives’ busy waterfront. The kiosk is like a hole-in-the-wall espresso bar that truly upholds the Arabic meaning of Yallah, which is “Let’s Go.” The roaster is a perfect destination if you are craving caffeine or if you are one of the beach-goers, gallery hoppers, and walkers off the South West Coast Path.

Yallah offers self-roasted beans served as espresso and batch brew. You can also taste some of their special cold brews during spring and summer. You have a number of things to try at Yallah and you can also take lessons on latte art and home brewing through classes organised during various times all around the year.

Ol Factory Coffee Roasters

Just as their name suggests, Ol Factory Coffee Roasters appeals to your senses with their superior blends and brews that might be found nowhere else in the world. It is located in a converted brewery on the outskirts of Penryn, close to Falmouth. They are a renowned specialist of the art and one of the finest aromatic micro-roastery.

Established in 2013, the first Olfactory coffee beans were roasted on 21 April 2014, and ever since they have been a top name for the best coffee in Cornwall. Ol Factory’s specialty is that their cups of coffee are well-rounded and appropriately balanced between sweet and acidic. It is a smooth experience that is easy-to-drink and offers an exceptional Cornish coffee experience.

They are known for their meticulous craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail and they offer a sensational coffee experience which is surely a must-try for all coffee enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

Cornwall has definitely a lot to offer when it comes to coffee. Cornish coffee makers are known for their unique blends and rich brews and the above list highlights the best you can get when you crave the aromatic beverage amidst a beautifully laid-out Cottage garden at Glebe House Cottages. Not just a magnificent experience at your stay, but our experts have put in the work and spent their time to help you get the best Cornish coffee experience.

It is true that “best coffee” is definitely a matter of choice. It depends upon an individual’s taste and is definitely subjective. Although, the blenders listed above are surely the ones that make the best coffee in Cornwall. They are definitely the most reliable, sustainable, and are passionate enough at their work to make them worth a try!

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