A beautiful cottage, triangular hills, an orange sun, birds flying in the sky, a river, and some lush green landscape. When we hear this, we either think of Switzerland or remember our childhood painting with crayons. As easy as it might sound to make such a drawing on paper, would the cottage be equally beautiful if it was a chalkboard?

If this question was asked to a chalkboard expert, he would have replied with a resolute “yes.” However, for people who are “aspiring chalkboard experts”, we have discussed some really easy and cool chalkboard tips and tricks that can help you draw the perfect cottage scenery on the chalkboard. Read on to find out how you can totally change the ways you have been using the board. No matter whether you are a teacher trying to have fun with your students, or a simple art enthusiast, these tips and tricks will surely be an interesting read for you.

Tips and Tricks to Become a Chalkboard Expert and Drawing Your Dream Cottage

1. Make a sketch first

Making a sketch of the board on paper or on a computer can be very useful as it helps create a visual impression, which helps you prepare any design or scenery you want on the board.

2. Make use of a variety of fonts

If it is not a cottage and you are drawing something that includes texts, then make sure to use a variety of fonts and text styles like thick, thin, script, serif, and others.

3. Measure

Measure out the board and its dimensions with a tape to make sure your design is accurate and appropriate.

4. Use regular chalks

You do not need fancy chalks to do great chalkboard art. Yes, it’s true. Whether you are drawing a cottage scenery or getting involved in a New Year’s Eve chalkboard art, regular old Crayola chalks are the best for a perfect creation.

5. Google Clip Art Images

Running short of ideas? Make use of Google Clip Art Images to get some perfect ideas for your chalkboard design.

House and family on chalkboard

6. Q-tips for touch up and cleaning

Q-tips will provide you with the ideal accuracy when you need intense detailing and wish to avoid smudges. Wet Q-tips can make it easier for you to clean up and touch up after your work is completed.

7. Stencils

Cut out some stencils for shapes and patterns, which you find difficult to draw with chalks.

8. Water

Water is the best thing to help you clean up a certain part of the chalkboard design and add to the details.

9. Coloured Chalks

Not just the plain-Jane chalks, you can also use coloured chalks to make your chalkboard design vibrant and lively.

10. Sharpening the chalks

Make use of sharpened chalks for better accuracy and detailing when it comes to chalkboard design. Whether you want the “childhood cottage scenery” or you want to come up with a complicated office occasion board design, sharpened chalks will be the best for improved precision.

Chalkboard drawing is an art that needs to be mastered with patience. Are you looking forward to becoming a chalkboard expert and impressing your colleagues with a magnificent New Year’s Eve design? These tips and tricks will help you get the perfect results and also become a chalkboard expert without any hassle.

In fact, you can relive your childhood memories by drawing some hills and cottages while making your kids enjoy this COVID-19 phase at home. Isn’t it a great idea? Let us know what you think.

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