Building a home from home for either yourself or your family is surprisingly straightforward. Any property can be designed to look like the perfect home & relaxation place with a bit of TLC & certain careful planning. Hence, to help you build that tranquil, cosy & elegant space, I am going to share some of the useful guides featuring the most beneficial tips for decorating a holiday cottage. So, without further ado, let’s check out the cottage tips!

Welcome Home

First impressions are pretty crucial. Guests especially, are able to be tired after a long drive and will need to experience that peaceful feeling of relaxation on arrival. Therefore, before even unpacking their bags, visitors often search to have their brochure expectations met by the property. This is actually pretty crucial that the property is easy to access, there is a sufficient amount of parking space & the cottage’s outside is visually appealing as well as attractive. To encourage an effortless journey for your guests; assure that your cottage is sign-posted as well as possible. Moreover, your backyard must be attractive & well-maintained, so it is worth considering using an experienced gardener who visits the property at a daily interval to keep the garden looking its best.

You can opt for a splash of colour. Red roses against white brick or sandstone make for an outstanding colour combination & also promote a decent as well as and natural beauty that is charming & timeless.

Timeless Interiors

A holiday cottage generally acts as an escape & retreat from the busy and exhausting life. And for this reason, less is actually more! Decluttering the property will often help people to simplify their own lives & let go of all the tensions & stresses that always seep into the subconscious. A fresh, bright, & airy colour scheme enhances natural light, by enabling the sunlight into the premises, will also boost lift spirits. Try to go for the off-white-based warm colours such as magnolias, orchids, creams, & pastels! These colours will always complement an array of furnishings! 

Don’t be worried when it comes to celebrating your holiday cottage’s character features such as hardwood doors, oak beams, and open fireplaces. On the other hand, log burning fires are a wonderful focal point for the lounge zone & are often sought by holidaymakers looking to relax in front of the fire on cold evenings. Well, fire safety is crucial, so ensure that a fireguard is available and carbon monoxide & smoke detectors are tested at a regular interval!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Putting some ‘cosy’ feel

To put some cosy feel to your holiday cottage, try to accessorise your room with rugs, fairy lights & chunky knit blankets. Always keep in mind that rustic décor can always add some calming effect. Moreover, selecting items themed around the environment will assist to promote tranquility. For instance, seashells, jugs of flowers, pebbles, pine cones & products made from wood all provide a natural look. Having a choice of spaces in which to relax around the home is also beneficial since it is necessary to promote proper relaxation throughout. Therefore, if the property is designed for you, you might want to accessorise important areas with candles as well.


Welcome doormats aren’t only a friendly touch; they help in keeping your house fresh & clean, which will also help in enhancing the lifespan of your valuable furnishings & carpets. Therefore, you can look to purchase hard-wearing furniture & carpets that are simple to clean. Rental houses especially will help from the furniture which can be repaired and repainted. Untidy properties are enough to put anyone off & never encourage the occupant’s capacity to de-stress.

Beautiful Exteriors

Holiday cottages with a nice view carry a potential advantage over those found in less attractive surroundings. But, with a little work, nearly anywhere can be converted into an attractive & tranquil outdoor space. So, if your house is located around natural beauty, it is pretty necessary that you optimise & promote the view in the correct manner. Settle any fixed benches or chairs in a specific location that can best encompass most of that view. On the other hand, deckchairs enable the guests to select where they want to sit outside & are a comparatively cheap option. But, it is crucial to assure that they meet all the recommended safety standards.

Rendering a BBQ zone is another outdoor touch that might encourage more holiday seekers to your holiday premises & is a useful option for those searching to relax on summer nights. And solar lighting is another benefit. To get that feeling of your lawn being a haven; why not support wildlife, such as butterflies and birds, into the greener sections of your garden through the addition of some bird feeders,  flowers, and bug hotels?

Plus, painted pebbles can also be utilised to indicate areas of the property’s exterior, such as ‘the barn’ ‘the cottage’ ‘the garden’, or. Boot cleaners are also great for both non-rented or rented properties.

If the premise is being designed for yourself; why not include a hammock, swing, or even a hot tub for the relaxing chill time?

Seaside Cottages


When selecting the holiday cottage, owners might also need to consider the location! A Devonshire cottage with beautiful coastal views might be better suited to seaside décor than it can be to country themes of cushions embellished with fur rugs & stags. 


Coloured jars and glass vases can make for stunning feature points and can be filled with seaside elements like starfish, shells, & fairy lights. seal ornaments or rustic wooden fish also add continuity to & echo the seaside theme.

Scatter cushions can surely add to outdoor seating zones as well as the bed or sofa. Deep covers are prone to staining less, but try to remain in a similar spectrum of your colour scheme. 

Fresh flowers can make a cheeriness on darker days & enable a gentle & sweet scent to fill the cottage.

Lastly, it is quite essential to consider that if you’re a family with younger children searching to decorate a holiday cottage; all of the ideas, products, & tips that have been featured must be evaluated in terms of security & safety. The majority of the places now offer child-friendly alternatives, with wall-mounted furniture & non-shatter vases.

To find out more cottage tips, let me know in the comment section below!

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