Like buried treasures just waiting to be explored. September, October & November perks in Bude are actually known to those but locals. Autumn is probably the most suitable time to be in Bude. These are 6 little gems exposing how man & nature combine together to bring you this breathtaking little place.

The Seawater Is At Its Warmest

This is a popular misconception that the warmer the air is, the warmer the seawater will be. But actually, the sea takes a significant amount of time to heat up, & likewise, it also takes a good amount of time to cool down again. Therefore, throughout summer days it only gets hotter, and the water temperature peaks in September. 

But, the air temperature is still warm & nice in October as well. And this makes it the most reliable and convenient time for surfing, swimming and everything in between.

Accommodation Costs Less

The comprehensive range of accommodation in Bude actually does render something unique for everyone. From jaw-dropping sea-facing holiday cottages to high-end hotels to budget-friendly lodgings to yurt villages to campsites, Bude & its surrounding places have it all. The majority of the places start charging their off-season charges & so your accommodation costs less. It makes Autumn excellent value for money.

Not only that, all of the top-grade places won’t be completely booked. It means you have lots of alternatives to find the most suitable and convenient accommodation for the whole family.

The Surf Is Better

As a basic thumb rule in the UK, the waves are better through September, October & into the winter. And it is because of the enhanced storm activity in the Atlantic carrying better swells. All of these swells begin gracing the shores & often the most remarkable surf happens around that time. Hot water with good waves in an emptier line-up, sounds good right? You’ll love it!

It Is Quieter Than The Peak Time

Of course, it is quieter than the peak time, however, there’s still plenty of summer-time energy out there! Well, in peak time, Bude is whirring & buzzing. The beaches get genuinely busy & it seems as if the city sells more cornish pasties & clotted cream than there are grains of sand on the beach.

Henceforth, it is an excellent choice for those searching for a cheerful summer holiday, however, it may not be too attractive for those who prefer things to be quiet. That said, Bude never looks extremely busy & those searching for a peaceful holiday in peak season simply require to find out a little about the various serene places.

After the summer begins to quieten down. The majority of the beaches become less crowded, however, they are still lifeguarded until the end of October & full of energy. There are fewer people to share the waves with. Therefore, you won’t find yourself queuing for lunch. You can easily get a booking at your preferred restaurant at short notice. Best of all, you can easily catch a swim in the sea pool, only you & your family. Sounds nice? Keep reading since it only gets better.

Photo by Zachary Shea on Unsplash

Photo by Zachary Shea on Unsplash

Big Tides Reveal Shipwrecks & Treasures

Big tides deliver large tidal ranges, with tides as down as 0.4m. At a certain point soon, I can possibly do a short guide to tides for you, however, for now, all you require to know is that these are pretty low tides, & it means that most of the beaches will be exposed than usual. With such low tides, there is a possibility of reaching rarely seen shipwreck ruins.

Therefore, if you do not find any jewels, silver, or gold, there is always the treasure of finding the beaches & rock formations below the mountains in their surprisingly exposed splendour. And these dates in the month of September make a perfect time to go exploring. So, simply take your camera & go wild!

This is also very essential to note that when the tides begin coming up again, they move fast. Therefore, ensure that you’re somewhere very safe & effortlessly accessible to get back. Try to adhere to the main beaches if you’re not too convinced. Well, you can ask the lifeguards on duty at the principal beaches for more details about the tides.

The Awesome Foursome Quadrathlon

Bude has been house to the high-grade Awesome Foursome Quadrathlon each September since 2002. This is an intense multi-sport event for pairs, individuals, & relay teams. The tough yet iconic course goes as follows:

The real event begins with an 800m sea swim, a double loop within Summerleaze bay, secured by the breakwater. Next a 30km cycle following the coast road to pass the surf trailer at Widemouth Bay, Wanson Mouth & Millook before joining the A39 at Wainhouse Corner & returning to Bude. Then, there is a 10km Kayak paddle, which is actually a double loop of the Bude canal. Last but not least, a 10km run along the canal towpath to Helebridge, following the sealed footpath across the fields to Widemouth & returning to Bude through the coastal path.

As I can see, the course is best suited for competitive athletes. Bude being extremely attractive & the whole community quite welcoming, the event also makes for an amazing day spectating, therefore, everyone can easily come down & get involved. 

Ending Notes

Bude is an outstanding place all year round, and that’s a true fact. It does modify a lot since the seasons change though, therefore, getting to know what it’s like at different seasons of the year can actually assist you to make the most of it. Here’s another unofficial Autumn perk that actually stands for itself. It generally rains less in Autumn than it does in July & August!
So, now you are well aware of why I prefer Autumn in Bude so much.

Hopefully, you will come and enjoy it soon!

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