Perhaps nothing could ever be more idyllic and quintessential than an archetypical chocolate box cottage garden, and making one is surprisingly easy. No matter if you have a balcony, large borders, or a patio; you can create this classic appearance simply by planting different kinds of floriferous summer bulbs in the available garden space while going for a wide variety of colours and placing them adjacently.

Here are some of the most frequently recommended plant species that are ideal for cottage gardens.


Foxglove is one of the most common cottage garden plants in the UK. During the early to mid-summer months, you can see the spires of this Digitalis genus bursting into blooms in a myriad of colours. When planted along with other self-seeders like aquilegia, the short-lived perennials and biennials can provide you with a sense of thriving companionship.

Grow Them

You should remember to nurture the foxgloves in ripe, moist albeit well-drained ground in partial shade or a fully sunlit area. Grow them from seeds on an annual basis.

Combine With

Use these cottage garden plants in conjunction with feet-foaming plants like alchemilla or hardy geraniums.

Recommended For Cottage Gardens

Digital purpurea, more commonly known as the common biennial foxglove and superior varieties like the Digitalis purpurea (Excelsior Group) are capable of attaining a height of up to two metres from the ground. You can cultivate them in either pristine-white forms or as monochromatic apricot hybrids for your bespoke cottage garden.


digitalis purpurea flower in the nature in czech republic.


The lavenders continue to be one of the most preferred aromatic plants among the cottage garden enthusiasts in the country. You can use their shrubs for low hedging both sides of pathways or bordering the fronts.

Grow Them

Abundant sunlight and free-draining soils are the two key pre-requisites for growing your lavenders. These cottage garden plants particularly thrive better in alkaline and chalky soil profiles.

Combine With

You can consider planting other fragrant cottage garden plants like rosemary and salvia.

Recommended For Cottage Gardens

Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’, or more popularly called the English lavender, is a kind of compact hedge that could climb up to two feet in height and produce purple flowers. Note that the Royal Horticultural Society, or RHS, in short, has bestowed its coveted Award of Garden Merit (AGM) upon this cottage garden plant. Lavandin or crossed lavender varieties like Lavandula x intermedia Sussex (AGM) tend to be late bloomers and are taller by about one foot.


Lavender flowers.

The Bottom Line

The cottage gardens are best suited for arches, pergolas, and arbours. They need not be expensive and can go a long way in helping your garden space stand out from the rest. Make a point to leverage them for boosting the member of scented climbers that you can cultivate in your cottage garden. Do not forget to include a few bulbs as well.

Are you in love with the informal chaos that a classic cottage garden has?! Let us know in the comments below and keep visiting the Glebe House Cottages Limited blogs for curated posts about our bespoke cottage gardens in the coming days.

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